WPSpeed is the most complete, powerful and unique WordPress plugin that is capable to optimize your website for Google PageSpeed and reach a score of 100 on mobile! Do you think it is impossible? Try it!

WPSpeed has a new and innovative technology, that generates a lightweight version of your site and caches static html pages bypassing the execution of WordPress, to reach the maximum score on mobile tests otherwise impossible with other plugins. WPSpeed is an all-in-one plugin that includes all possible optimizations and a page cache system. WPSpeed can replace all other plugins and it’s the only plugin that makes it possible to raise your website from 0 to 100 for the PageSpeed score!

WPSpeed is the easiest plugin to speed up your WordPress website being capable to find the optimal configuration automatically and integrating the Google PageSpeed test.

You can watch the impressive video and check the demo site:

FREE and PRO version

The FREE version of WPSpeed is limited to the home page only and it’s enabled to optimize only 1 page. Please upgrade to the PRO version purchasing a license or a subscription plan to fully optimize all pages of your website and get PRO on-site support and performance service from our team of experts.

Are you ready to be compliant to Google Core Web Vitals? WPSpeed is the professional solution to boost your website performance and make Google happy increasing the PageSpeed Insights rank in a snap!

Interested in our WordPress Speed Performance Service? Contact us now at wpspeed@storejextensions.org by providing an admin account to our expertise team for a free test installation on your website and performance optimization.

The WPSpeed plugin for WordPress increases performance of your website by applying automatically several improvements as suggested by Google PageSpeed best practices. By installing the plugin you can reach up to a doubled score during the Google PageSpeed test. WPSpeed is the most powerful WordPress performance plugin that implements unique technologies such as Adaptive Contents™ that makes it possible to generate a lightweight version of the website to dramatically raise up the page speed score without losing website functionalities.

WPSpeed features

WPSpeed functionalities include:
•Scripts minification: Javascript can be minified to reduce the total scripts size and save bandwidth

•Stylesheets minification: CSS can be minified to reduce the total CSS size, save bandwidth and extract the ‘Above-the-fold’ CSS

•HTML minification: The HTML source code can be minified to reduce the total page size and save bandwidth

•Combine multiple JS and CSS files: Javascript and CSS can be combined in single files to minimize the HTTP request overhead

•Adaptive Contents™: this technology makes it possible to generate a lightweight version of the website to raise up the page speed score without losing website functionalities

•Instant Page technology™: Instant Page uses just-in-time preloading. This feature, compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, preloads a page right before a user clicks on it

•Auto configuration and integrated Google PageSpeed: WPSpeed is capable to find the optimal configuration automatically and integrates the Google PageSpeed test

•Page cache: Integrated and optimized technology for page caching to avoid heavy requests to your server and database. The PRO version supports the .htaccess page caching so that pages are served up as static HTML completely bypassing the execution of WordPress and dramatically increases performance and reducing the TTFB

•Defer and preload of assets: CSS, JS and Web Fonts can be loaded in defer, async or preload mode

•Lazy-load images: Images and iframes that are out of view can be lazy-loaded only when the user scrolls down the page to display them

•Lazy-load HTML elements: Heavy HTML elements that slow down the LCP can be easily lazy-loaded

•Images optimization: Large images can be rescaled, resized and optimized on the fly to dramatically reduce the page size and bandwidth

•Optimization of background images: WPSpeed is capable to optimize also images that are set as a background through HTML and CSS styles

•Lossless optimization: Large images in PNG and JPG format can be optimized on the fly using a lossless algorithm

•Srcset creation for images: WPSpeed is capable to automatically create an image srcset using up to 4 differently-sized images for various resolutions

•Images conversion to WebP and AVIF: Images can be converted in realtime to the WebP and AVIF next generation format

•Assets removal: It’s possible to remove CSS/JS files and Fonts to avoid the loading of unnecessary resources

•Htaccess optimization: A series of optimizations can be applied to the htaccess file in order to leverage the browser caching

•CSS extraction: WPSpeed is capable to extract basic CSS styles and load them above the fold to avoid render blocking resources

•DOM tree reduction: Excessive DOM elements can be automatically removed and loaded asynchronously

•Combine images: It’s possible to generate a single container image for multiple backgrounds applied through CSS

•HTTP/2 optimizations: WPSpeed works with HTTP/2 compatible servers to enable server push

•CDN support: Links for all assets can be automatically rewritten to point to your CDN domain

•Fix conflicts easily: WPSpeed integrates a powerful exclusions system to fix conflicts due to minification of scripts


Download and read the PDF documentation or visit our FAQ page on the main plugin site for more information on how the plugin works and how to configure it to improve your scores for Google PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix. If you have a license or a subscription plan for the PRO version you can contact us for on site support at wpspeed@storejextensions.org

Advanced Features and Premium Support

If you need assistance on your website by our expertise team to find optmimal settings of WPSpeed and reach the maximum score, please purchase a license or a subscription plan and contact us at wpspeed@storejextensions.org to get on site service.


Upload the WPSpeed plugin to your blog. Activate it, then configure settings to reach the highest score. If you need an expertise team to configure the plugin or solve problems, please purchase a PRO license and contact us at wpspeed@storejextensions.org


மே 20, 2024
This plugin is amazing. Work better than some any other popular plugins. Many configurations options to manage all you need for optimization. Got better speed on mobile Google PageSpeed ! Only issue faced is homepage is taking too long to load, Internal pages are Super fast! Hope the developers will fix this issue.
ஏப்ரல் 7, 2024
This plugin is amazing. Work better than some other “star” plugins. Many configurations options to manage all you need for optimization. 99/100 on mobile Google PageSpeed ! Support is really fast. I love it and recommend !
மார்ச் 14, 2024 1 reply
First of all, at the beginning I thought it wasn’t working. I was thrilled with the test version (it only optimizes the homepage), and bought the full version straight away. But after installation nothing happened on the undersides. However, the error was mine because I forgot that the server also runs caching (Varnish) and I hadn’t emptied it. Once I understood this (found the reference in one of the plugin reviews) everything went surprisingly well. When I realized that I shouldn’t activate the WPSpeed ​​cache (it wasn’t suggested by the plugin either – I just thought it was smart) – suddenly all the pages ran really well and had the best page speed rating. I deactivated Lazylaod – that seems to have a negative effect (on my site). All in all, it’s amazing how well this plugin works (and at a great price). I’m surprised it’s not in the first place (I’ve tried many – and none were as effective) Thanks! Greats – Ronald
ஜனவரி 17, 2024
Ouer company have try several cache plugin but never have any luck to have 100% score on pageinsight. This plugin do the job and now we have 100% score and also the SEO go up with the last 10%. This is the best cache plugin we ever used. (used on litespeed server, php 8.2 with memcached) Keep up the good work!
ஜனவரி 11, 2024
We had tried a lot of ways to improve our page speed and metrics. This plugin takes all the hard work out of really improving the score. It’s easy to use and it works very quickly.
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  • First public release on WordPress plugins repository for the FREE and PRO version.


  • Added auto configuration and pagespeed test


  • Added the clear cache global button
  • Improvements to the Images Optimizations
  • Improvements to the Adaptive contents
  • Bugs fix for the FREE version and multilanguage


  • Extended support for adaptive contents


  • Added support to convert images to the new AVIF format (PRO version only)
  • Improved management of the images optimization


  • Added ‘Above-the-fold’ CSS extraction

2.6.5 FREE / 2.7 PRO

  • Added feature to defer combined CSS
  • Added feature to purge server cache