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Email Marketing for WooCommerce by Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery, Email Campaigns, Newsletters, Signup Forms, Popups and Email Automations

Email Marketing for WooCommerce by Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery, Email Campaigns, Newsletters, Signup Forms, Popups and Email Automations


Retainful is an all-in-one WooCommerce email marketing plugin that simplifies your email marketing efforts at every stage – from acquiring new customers to retaining them.

The email marketing plugin is tailor-made for WooCommerce store owners like you, helping you to build your email list with signup forms & popups, send personalized email marketing campaigns & newsletters, automate order follow-ups to save time, recover WooCommerce abandoned carts and grow revenue without the complexity and high costs.

16,000+ e-commerce store owners chose us for cost-effective email marketing and ease of use.

Join them & get started free!

Use Retainful to:

  • Recover WooCommerce abandoned carts

  • Capture email addresses and grow your email list with targeted sign-up forms & popups.

  • Convert visitors into customers by sending nurturing welcome emails with discounts.

  • Automate all your WooCommerce email campaigns tuned to user actions like sign-up, purchase, cart abandonment, and more. Easy setup, no hassle.

  • Automate WooCommerce order follow-up emails.

  • Send unique coupon codes in WooCommerce automated emails to increase conversion and drive repeat purchases.

  • Win-back inactive customers using pre-built workflows.

  • Segment the email list based on demographics, purchase history, email engagement, and more.

  • Craft WordPress email newsletters easily with the drag-and-drop editor and pre-designed templates.

Get Started | Documentation

What makes Retainful stand out?

  • The most affordable WordPress email marketing plugin that doesn’t compromise on quality.

  • Designed for ease of use – offering easy-to-setup marketing automation for WooCommerce and pre-built workflows.

  • Tools for every stage in the WooCommerce email marketing life cycle – use it to acquire, retain, and win back customers.

  • Easy-to-use WordPress email newsletter builder.

  • GDPR compliant

  • High email deliverability rates

  • Integrates seamlessly with WordPress & WooCommerce

Switching to Retainful? Sync all your data seamlessly:

You can import your existing contacts and their order histories from your WordPress dashboard to Retainful within a few minutes.

How to get started with Retainful?

  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Sign up for a free account and get your API Keys.
  • Connect to Retainful.

Learn more about Installation.

Here is how Retainful helps you to do full-cycle WooCommerce email marketing:

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

With Retainful, you can recover up to 30% of your WooCommerce abandoned carts using the best recovery method of all – WooCommerce abandoned cart emails.

You can make your WooCommerce abandoned cart emails a single-click cart recovery tool that takes the customer back to the cart page to finish their purchase in a click.

To increase the chances of WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery, you can send multiple emails that are triggered automatically at well-timed intervals.

Here is the pre-built WooCommerce abandoned cart email series example:

  • First email: A gentle reminder (After an hour)
  • Second email: Email with a dynamic coupon (After a day)
  • Third email: Creating urgency (After 2 days)

Launch this WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery series in minutes & stop losing sales with Retainful.
You can include a one-click recovery link, dynamic content like the cart items, unique coupon codes to increase the recovery rate.

Here is how Retainful’s WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery works:

  • Captures email addresses of the customer at the checkout (You can also use our Add-to-cart / exit intent popup to capture the emails)
  • Retainful tracks the cart abandonment in real-time and automatically sends a series of well-timed emails including a unique one-click recovery link.
  • Customer recovers the cart with a single click and completes the purchase

Get Started | Documentation

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating WooCommerce abandoned cart email campaigns

Email Campaigns

Design and send beautiful WoCommerce email campaigns. Get started quickly using our beautiful templates and powerful visual customer journey builder – which are easy to use, even if you are not a designer or a developer.

  • Create beautiful email campaigns using our readymade templates and drag-and-drop email editor.

  • Personalize your WooCommerce automated emails with dynamic content such as customer name, address, and more.

  • Use the Smart Sending feature to send or schedule your campaigns at the recipient’s time zone for better engagement and conversion.

  • Send more targeted WooCommerce email campaigns by segmenting customers. Use our powerful segmentation feature to segment customers based on demographics, purchase history, engagement, and more.

  • Measure your WooCommerce email campaign performance using our powerful reporting – opens, clicks, bounces, and more.

  • Improve your email deliverability by automatically cleaning your list using our automated bounce handling & suppression features.

  • Send branded WordPress email campaigns in your own domain name and be compliant with the recent Google and Yahoo sender requirements.

High email deliverability

The WooCommerce email marketing plugin allows you to set up your email-sending domain that helps verify the emails are genuinely from you, reducing the likelihood of them being flagged as spam.

Smart sending

Smart Sending lets you define a timeframe (e.g., 8 hours, 24 hours) within which customers won’t receive more than one email from you. This applies to all WooCommerce email campaigns and workflows.

Email Automation

Retainful’s WordPress email marketing automation allows you to send the right message to the right person at the right time automatically.

Once set up, the automation workflows automatically send WooCommerce follow-up emails every time a customer performs an action in your store – signing up for your newsletter, purchasing a product, abandoning the cart, or being inactive for a while.

You can access any one of these workflows in the Free Plan as well. NOTE: You need to upgrade to access all of these workflows and use the WooCommerce email automation to the fullest.

Retainful has pre-built automation workflows like:

  • Abandoned cart recovery email: A series of WooCommerce cart recovery emails triggered automatically and sent out at well-timed intervals.

  • Welcome emails: Once setup, sent only for the first time buyers to create a great first impression with a warm welcome message.

  • Thank you email with the next-order coupon: When a customer places an order in your store, Retainful can automatically generate a unique, single-use coupon code for their next purchase and send it to the customer. Once set up, no manual actions are required.

  • WooCommerce Order follow-up emails: Send order confirmation, product tips, and feedback request emails in a single pre-built workflow.

  • Product review request email: Request a product review a few days after the purchase.

Get Started | Documentation

WordPress Email Newsletters

Sending WordPress email newsletters is the key to connecting with your customers and nurturing them beyond just prompting them to purchase.

You can create stunning WordPress email newsletters effortlessly with pre-designed email templates and a drag-and-drop email editor of this email marketing plugin for WooCommerce.

Some of the pre-built WooCommerce email newsletter template Retainful offers are:

  • Product launch template
  • Product recommendation template
  • Feedback request template
  • Back-in-stock template
  • Product-specific follow-up template

Sign-up forms

Growing your email list is the first step in doing successful WooCommerce email marketing.

The sign-up form is a pop-up that prompts visitors on your site to provide their email contact, converting casual visitors into leads.

With Retainful, you can create targeted popups that are tuned to visitor behavior and displayed at the right time to get the conversion.

You can create 4 types of popups with Retainful:

  • Welcome popup – Appears when a visitor first lands on your website. It provides a warm greeting and often includes a special offer to encourage immediate engagement.

  • Add-to-cart popup– Appears immediately after the customer clicks “Add to Cart” button and collects the email address before checkout, allowing you to send a cart reminder if it ends up in cart abandonment.

  • Exit-Intent popup – Triggered when a visitor intends to leave your site. It serves as a last-minute

  • Embed form – It can be placed or integrated on the layout of the page of your site or in specific areas such as the footer or sidebar.

  • General popup– Triggered based on specific conditions you set, such as time spent on the site, scroll depth, or clicks on particular elements.

Email Segmentation

Segmenting your email list allows you to send personalized WooCommerce email campaigns that resonate with the customer and increase conversions.

This WooCommerce email marketing plugin allows you to segment your customers based on demographics, purchase history, email engagement, and more.

Not only does it have various segmentation criteria, but you can implement it in a few simple steps.

You can choose predefined email segmentation templates like abandoned cart customers, inactive customers, VIP customers, new customers, and active email subscribers, or you can create your own rules from scratch.

For example, you can segment abandoned cart customers in multiple ways in Retainful – such as abandoned date, abandoned product name, total number of abandoned carts, and cart value, among others.

Here is a guide on how to segment your email list

WooCommerce Integration

Retainful integrates with your WooCommerce store natively. You can track WooCommerce cart abandonment and orders in almost real-time. You can import your customers in a few clicks.

Just install our email marketing plugin for WooCommerce and connect your store to get started in minutes.

Drag and drop email editor

You can customize the WooCommerce email templates to suit your brand style easily, even if you are not a designer. Add logos, images, dynamic coupons, customer names and addresses, etc. – all with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Dynamic coupon codes

Generate dynamic coupon codes in a few clicks, and drag & drop them to your WooCommerce email template from the email editor.

Detailed Analytics

Retainful tracks every WooCommerce abandoned cart and displays the real-time data in its dashboard, including the recovered revenue. Also, you can check your conversion data right away in the dashboard.

Team Collaboration

Invite your team members and marketers to your Retainful account and allow them to manage your email campaigns, automation, and email lists. You can have full control over what they can access and manage.

Seamless migration

Migrate all your data like contact lists, email templates, and campaign history from your apps like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, and more to Retainful. Contact our support team to avail the migration service at free of cost.


  • Conversion Tracking
  • Pre-build Automation Workflows
  • Automation Workflow
  • Popup Editor
  • Email Editor
  • Template Gallery
  • Retainful Contacts

அடிக்கடி கேட்கப்படும் கேள்விகள்

Installation Instruction

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard Plugins Add new
  • Search for the ‘Retainful’ plugin.
  • Click “Install Now” to install the plugin
  • Activate the plugin

I have downloaded the plugin, but I don’t have a Retainful account. How can I get one?

You can sign up for a Retainful account by visiting our sign-up page. You can create an account free of cost.

How can I ensure my email deliverability in Retainful?

You need to verify a sending domain and enable double opt-in to ensure higher deliverability rate

Where can I find the Plugin’s Documentation?

Full documentation can be found here.

How can I reach Retainful support?

You can reach out to our experts here.


மே 11, 2024
One of the best support I ever get from any service provider and many amazing features I got in their plugin so I must recommend it to anyone who wish to convert their maximum traffic into sales.
ஏப்ரல் 15, 2024
The features offered by Retainful are exactly what I need to recover abandoned carts and boost sales with their campaign & automation features. I appreciate that most of the processing is done on their server, which takes the load off my website. Mr. Krishnan was able to guide me through the setup process and answered all the questions I threw at him.
ஏப்ரல் 3, 2024
I am very pleased with their support team, they have helped me out a few times and always super quickly! Highly recommend
ஏப்ரல் 1, 2024
I ran into some issues configuring my Sending Domain. Got in touch with the support team and Hari was able to help me out promptly. He took the time and definitely didn’t rush it. All the other abandoned cart plugins didn’t seem to work for me but Retainful is doing a great job. Their platform works amazing knowing how much time it takes to build such applications. I wish them the best of luck with growing even bigger as a company. Thanks you guys!
ஜனவரி 22, 2024
I’ve been using Retainful for a couple of years now and happy with how it works and the support they offer.
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“Email Marketing for WooCommerce by Retainful – WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery, Email Campaigns, Newsletters, Signup Forms, Popups and Email Automations” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix: Duplicate order synchronization
  • Fix: Ignore draft order synchronization(Block Checkout)
  • Removed: PHP Session handler


  • Deprecated: Referral Popup.


  • Fix: Marketing Consent: Default value Implicit in synchronization


  • Fix: Exclude trash order in synchronization
  • Support: Exclude sale item as a params in coupon


  • Fix: Avoid duplicate cart instances for guest carts proactively
  • Improved: Order meta fallback streamlined


  • Fix: Removed product page marketing consent
  • Added: Currency code for popup
  • Improved: Webhook creation workflow


  • Fix: user identity update for popup


  • Added: Signup Forms / Popups


  • Fix: Marketing Consent: Default value Implicit
  • Fix: Add to cart popup hide on particular page
  • Improved: Buyer accept marketing
  • Added: Background webhook synchronize
  • Added: GDPR extra fields
  • Removed: Checkbox behavior


  • Improved: Buyer accept marketing
  • Added: Background webhook synchronize
  • Added: GDPR extra fields


  • Fix: Improved Order synchronize
  • Fix: stop empty item order synchronize


  • Fix: Customer total order count query


  • Fix: order synchronize query improvement
  • Fix: handle Request class deprecation
  • Fix: cart item check via cookie


  • Fix: Notice about duplicate constant


  • Added: order synchronize


  • Fix: Customer total spend, total order count
  • Fix: Order coupon apply in abandon cart recovery
  • Fix: session init fatal error
  • added: Essential plan check


  • Fix: Additional check for next order coupon


  • Fix: Handling completed_at value


  • Fix: Type Casting
  • Added: Deprecation notice


  • Fix: Listen order create hook
  • Fix: Settings fatal error
  • Fix: automation id validation


  • Fix: Listen order create hook
  • Fix: Settings fatal error
  • Fix: automation id validation


  • Fix: AfterPay file included


  • Added: Order update via Webhook


  • Fix: composer autoload


  • Fix: individual and free shipping coupon
  • Fix: exit-intent after email success popup content
  • Fix: fatal error, when order is not available
  • Fix: same as billing notice


  • Fix: removed unwanted store data


  • Fix: session init check
  • Improvement: No conflict mode


  • Fix: apply recovery coupon to pending order
  • Fix: add to cart popup error
  • Improvement: action added for virtual coupon
  • Fix: varnish cache compatibility


  • Fix: Enable Popup for your store? option hided
  • Improvement: syncOrder and rest coupon filter event added
  • Fix: Pro plan and plan status check for referral popup
  • Fix: save exit intent display page


  • Fix: exit intent popup variable issue


  • Fix: Order line price including / excluding tax


  • Fix for PHP 8 deprecated code
  • Referrer Automation
  • Filter for v1 – Multi language page and is_page check
  • Changed Popup widget JS url


  • New option added to consider failed order as abandoned order
  • Debug log improved
  • snippet added to show cart token in order details page
  • Fix for draft orders not getting synched
  • Fix for generating same cart token for draft orders


  • Input helper library improved
  • Action and filter optimized
  • WooCommerce tested upto 5.4.1


  • Fix: Billing fields optimized
  • NOC coupons expiry date timestamp added


  • Improvement: Getting order number of order improved
  • New Feature: New option added to remove NOC in order transaction emails
  • Fix: script tag optimized


  • Improvement: Indiual use option added to Referral program