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ReplayBird lets you watch user behavior to understand the digital user experience on your WordPress website with precise analytics.

Understanding visitor activity is now simplified.

Session Replay

ReplayBird records your WordPress website sessions and visitor activity. Turn logged user events, including mouse movements, clicks, page visits, scrolling, tapping, etc., into a replica of what the user actually did on your WordPress website.

Check what ReplayBird session replay can do to your WordPress site.

  • Find bugs, errors, JS errors, and pain points.
  • Recognize and empathize with your visitors’ experiences.
  • Examine how users interact with various website elements.
  • Determine why visitors are leaving your website.
  • Make data-driven decisions.

Product Analytics

Analyze user behavior with a product and services. ReplayBird allows your product teams to track, visualize, and analyze data about user engagement and behavior. Use product metrics to improve and optimize your product performance.

Check what ReplayBird product analytics can do to your WordPress site.

  • Know your product usage, page visits and user flows throughout your whole product.
  • Discover how frequently users take valuable behavior and how current trends correlate to previous reports.
  • Enhance the user experience on your WordPress site.
  • Reduce risk, user frustrations, and friction.

Issue Tracking

ReplayBird issue tracking proactively inspects issues and front-end errors of your WordPress website and enables your developing teams to fix the JS errors. Boost your development cycles by quickly diagnosing problems in your codebase. Understand how bad the frontend errors are and how they impact your user experience

Check what ReplayBird issue tracking can do to your WordPress site.

  • Slide from error to direct session recording of error occurrence and even to the pitch of code lines.
  • Get notified with every frontend issues of your website to your teams instantly.
  • Ensure the elements are correctly rendered and identified.
  • Deliver an errorless user experience.

Key Features of ReplayBird

  • Session recording and play
  • Product Analytics
  • Interactive dashboard
  • User-friendly UI
  • Easy installation
  • Error tracking
  • User tracking
  • User journey mapping
  • Root cause analysis
  • Conversion funnel
  • Click tracking
  • Rage clicks and error clicks
  • Real-time alerting
  • 24/7 support


Enter your ReplayBird Site Key in the field marked ‘YOUR REPLAYBIRD SITE KEY’


  • Session recording and replay lets you watch your user interaction with your WordPress site. Monitor user activity and events with cursor movements and understand customer pain points.
  • Metric that everyone can understand and analyze. ReplayBird provides metrics on both your WordPress website user behavior.
  • ReplayBird error tracking let you understand and realize frontend errors even on your WordPress site including JS errors.
  • Pageviews and site visitor data. A simple analysis of user activity to focus and make data-driven decisions.
  • Add your unique ReplayBird Site Key in the settings, and Save Changes to install the ReplayBird script for that site.


Simple installation

The ReplayBird plugin is available to install via the WordPress plugin library and you can install it directly within the WordPress dashboard.

Manual installation

Alternatively, you can install manually:

  1. Download the ReplayBird plugin as a zip file.
  2. Upload the folder replaybird to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

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Do I need a ReplayBird account to use this plugin?

Yes, to use the ReplayBird plugin on your WordPress site you need to sign up and create a ReplayBird account to get the site key to access all our features and watch your user behavior.

Where can I find out more about ReplayBird?

Visit our ReplayBird website, you have got all the resources possible to learn and know more about all the features that you need to improve your WordPress site and understand user behavior. If you did not find what you needed, you can reach us anytime at

What are the ReplayBird Terms of Service?

ReplayBird clarifies all the conditions for the use of its service, more accurately in ReplayBird Terms and Conditions. If you have further questions you can reach out to our support at

How do I remove ReplayBird from my WordPress site?

You can uninstall the ReplayBird plugin to remove it from your WordPress site. Data that has been collected will be removed by deleting your WordPress site or ReplayBird account.

Will ReplayBird slow down my WordPress site?

No, ReplayBird won’t slow your WordPress site and performance. The script works asynchronously and it doesn’t have any impact on the speed or storage.


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