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Prodibi Photo Library


The Prodibi Photo Library Plugin acts as an interface to Prodibi Full Resolution image hosting software as service.

Prodibi is a unique solution that allows anyone to display and share their pictures in full resolution on the web and mobile with extra security.

With Prodibi, your images are fully responsive, zoomable, perfectly compressed and optimized, and speeded up by top-tier CDNs.
Every viewer will have the best possible experience, for any image of any size on any device.

Prodibi lets you upload, manage, and display your images on your website with the highest quality and best performance.
There is no compromise anymore between the quality of your photos and the performance of your website, for any image of any size.

Why is Prodibi the best choice for all your image needs?

Prodibi is a unique image display solution that solves all issues of displaying images online.
Image quality, size, speed, formatting, cropping, compression, optimization, responsiveness, pixel density, color management, SEO, etc. does that sound familiar?
Everything is taken care of for you at the time of the upload so you can focus on what matters.

No more tedious image-related tasks.

Simply embed a Prodibi image or a Prodibi gallery directly from your WordPress dashboard to benefit from our solution.


Upload directly your images in full quality and full size with the Prodibi plugin.
We take your maximum resolution and preserve it so that you can show the full quality of your images without losing your website speed.
Your viewers will enjoy the possibility of our fast zoom to see the true quality of your photos.

No need for a zoom? No problem, you can disable it in 1 click, you will still benefit from all other Prodibi features.


Prodibi is 100% responsive and mobile-friendly because your pictures must be great on any device and any screen.
Got an 8k screen? Your pictures will look sharper than ever, without loss in performance as we are always sending the right density of pixels.

You can also easily customize your Prodibi gallery to fit your style.
It takes only a few seconds to embed a full gallery that will always look good on the web and mobile, no matter your screen size.


Image served by Prodibi are optimized for performance. We handpicked the best CDNs to deliver your images across the world in no time, no matter their size.
Images and galleries are loading quickly, you can zoom inside them in an instant.

Your users have a much better experience and Google will like it very much for your search ranking.


You Prodibi account is fully decentralized and can be managed directly from our Prodibi IOS and Android app. Are you always on the go?
You took nice pictures with your smartphone? Just upload them directly to the Prodibi app, customize the look of your gallery, and embed them to your WordPress website!


Prodibi provides you with a full end-to-end image display solution with hosting and bandwidth for your images.
No credit card required at all for the free plan.

  • Free plan: up to 100 jpeg images, $0 /month
  • Starter: up to 1000 jpeg images, $4.99 /month
  • Standard: up to 15000 jpeg images and branding features $10.99 /month
  • Ultimate: unlimited jpeg images and branding features, and extra security features $24.99 /month
  • Upgrade, downgrade, start, stop anytime

Are you an enterprise? Contact us to get a tailored plan, starting at $100 per month.

Are you an agency? Contact us if you want to explore partnership opportunities!

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Prodibi Photo Library Plugin act as an interface to Prodibi Full Resolution image hosting software as service.

You can find the Terms of Services here : Prodibi TOS

Prodibi API is hosted in the cloud, So your content, personal information and data may be processed and saved outside Switzerland and Europe
as well as in other geographical areas than the one you are located in.

Those urls are requiered for the service to operate.

  1. or or https://* urls are used to communicate with prodibi API, to do operations like manage or fetch your albums.
  2. is a CDN url to fetch styles and scripts requiered.
  3. or are the CDN urls. They are used to deliver your images fast around the world.
  4. https://* urls are used to upload your content to Prodibi storage.


  • screenshot-1.jpg represents the media library, the place to manage and upload your images
  • screenshot-2.jpg represents inside an album, where you customize grids look
  • screenshot-3.jpg represents prodibi zoom feature
  • screenshot-5.jpg represents inserting an album into a post
  • screenshot-6.jpg represents inserting a photo into a post
  • screenshot-4.jpg represents a shortcode
  • screenshot-7.jpg represents an album into a post


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/prodibi directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Click on prodibi entry on the left menu
  4. Login if you already have a prodibi account or create a new one
  5. you will find the prodibi buttons to insert short codes in your post editor

அடிக்கடி கேட்கப்படும் கேள்விகள்

Why should I use Prodibi WP Plugin instead of other Plugin?

We are the only one to deal with your full resolution images and to allow you to integrate and display them easily and without making a compromise with performance.
For instance on new screens, your usual HD images start to look blurry simply because there are not enough pixels to display.
Your colors might be wrong too. You can do simple tests to see the difference; there is no reason you lose over 90% of your pixels online!

How does Prodibi work?

This is a blend of Swiss magic and quality applied to your images. Most of it happens at the time of the upload so that you don’t need to worry about anything.
You will have the best quality and the performance on the web and mobile thanks to our image solution.

How does the zoom work?

We have a lightning fast zoom to the full size of your images, no matter its size. The zoom itself depends on the resolution of the screen of the viewer and the resolution of your picture.
For the best result, make sure to upload the maximum resolution you have!

Is Prodibi a new file format?

No. When you download a picture from Prodibi, it remains like it was uploaded initially.

How does Prodibi get to be so fast?

We are obsessed by speed and user experience! We have several innovative tricks we use to make it super fast on the web and mobile, and no matter the size of your photos.
We also use several top-tier global CDNs we hand-picked to efficiently deliver your images around the world, so when a viewer checks one of your images,
the picture will be delivered from a server that is closest to their physical location.

What is the best input image format?

The best size quality compromise is jpeg converted in sRGB with sRGB profile included, at full resolution and quality around 90%.
You can use also TIFF 8bits or 16bits.

What is the max resolution supported?

You can upload any file size between 0 mpx to 1Gpx on the free plan. and up to 3Gpx in the premium plans.

Can I upload GIF, 360 images, VR panorama to Prodibi?

Not yet. But we are looking to add support for these types of files in the future.

Do I have to worry about my privacy?

No, your contact information, private data, and of course, photos, are yours and yours alone.
You will receive company and product updates by emails, but you can opt out at any time. Learn more about our TOS.

Are my photos secured from stealing with Prodibi?

Prodibi images are more secure than normal images by nature because only the parts and resolution needed is streamed to the viewer.
The original image is never sent. Your HD file is stored on our secured server that only you can access, and right click is disabled.

If you need more security, you can enable URL encryption, image encryption, and stealth mode (it requires https).
Url and images encryption will make it difficult for an attacker to automate the download of parts.
Stealth mode makes images invisible when an attacker tries to get them from a debugger.

Can I host any images on Prodibi?

Prodibi offers a complete image display solution for JPEG, RAW, PSD, and TIFF format, and we are looking to support more formats very soon.
Note that you can not use Prodibi to manage illegal or highly controversial content.
If you’re uncertain whether your files fall into this category, you may want to read our TOS and our CDN partner’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Can I host videos on Prodibi?

Not yet. But in the future yes!

Do I need to have coding skills to use Prodibi?

Not at all, you can check our Youtube tutorial videos to learn how to use Prodibi, but it is as easy as it can be!

Do you have a demo?

Of course! Head to our demo page to see Prodibi in action. And don’t forget to zoom and to test it on mobile!

Who uses Prodibi?

Photographers, models, retouchers, bloggers, e-commerce, enterprise, etc. this is just a small list of the typical users we have.
If you care about quality and performance for your images, you will find something you like in Prodibi.

Can I try Prodibi before I buy?

Of course! Prodibi has a forever-free plan available to let you use Prodibi comfortably.
Signing up takes just a few seconds, and you’re ready to go with all basics Prodibi features!

Is the free plan really free?

Yes, you can use the free plan for as long as you want! You can upload up to 100 full-resolution images,
and you have enough bandwidth to power your images on your personal website.
If your usage requirements ever grow above the free plan’s generous usage limits, you can easily upgrade to fit your needs.

How long does it take to upload pictures?

It depends on your upload Internet connection and the size of your images.
But we did upload already 15’000 images in just under 2 hours, so it can be fast! If you have special needs, feel free to contact us direct.


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