Kount Fraud Prevention


Kount’s Fraud Protection Platform is the industry choice for advanced protection. Recognized as the leader by analysts such as Forrester, Quadrant, 451 Research, and Frost & Sullivan, Kount is advancing protection throughout the customer Journey. Trusted by over 9,000 top brands, Kount’s WooCommerce extension immediately delivers accurate, scalable protection.

Stop chargebacks, reduce manual reviews, and accept more orders while reducing customer friction and false positives. Kount’s simple extension delivers the full power of Kount’s AI-driven fraud prevention solution. Access the most accurate eCommerce fraud protection to immediately improve your profitability. Kount’s automated fraud protection has no negative impacts on the merchant’s site and won’t add friction to the checkout process, with orders being automatically accepted or declined in less than 250 milliseconds to ensure an optimal customer experience.

Get up and running quickly. Easily install and configure the Kount extension in less than an hour to access automated, real-time order decisioning. Immediately gain built-in, comprehensive fraud prevention, order status notifications, and inventory management for your WooCommerce store. With Kount’s AI-driven fraud protection you can:

  • Reduce manual reviews up to 83%
  • Reduce false positives up to 70%
  • Reduce chargebacks up to 99%


  • Protect against chargebacks and disputes
  • Accept more good orders
  • Reduce manual reviews and automate decisions
  • Install quickly for immediate protection

3rd Party Integrations


Refer to How to Integrate Kount Fraud Prevention for WooCommerce for detailed steps on the Kount integration and plugin installation.

  1. Log into WordPress with an admin account. Go to Plugins, and then click Add New.

  2. Search for Kount Fraud Prevention, and then click Install Now.

  3. With the plugin installed successfully, it displays in the menu list of WordPress as Kount. Click Kount, and then enter the following configuration information:

    • Account Information

      • Enable Plugin: When enabled, provide risk assessments from Kount
      • Merchant ID: The Kount provided 6-digit ID
      • Test Mode Enable: When enabled, all risk assessments and device data collection will operate against Kount’s test environments. NOTE: API Keys and Website IDs should be changed to match the test environment.
    • Payment Settings

      • Payment Workflow Mode: This can be either Pre Authorization or Post Authorization
      • API Key: The API key created in the API Key Management screen of the Agent Web Console (AWC)
      • ENS Callback URL: URL configured in the AWC for receiving Event Notification System messages (This is a read-only field and is used as the value for the ENS API URL configured in the AWC
      • Website ID: The Website ID set up in the AWC
      • Order Cancellation Message: The message displayed when an order is canceled
    • Account Creation Settings

      • Account Creation: When enabled, provide a risk assessment for WooCommerce/WordPress Account Creation
      • Trusted Device: When enabled, call the Trusted Device API after Account Creation
      • Website ID: The Website ID setup in the AWC
    • Account Login Settings

      • Account Login: When enabled, provide a risk assessment for Account Login
      • Login API Key: The API key created in the API Key Management screen of the AWC
      • Trusted Device: When enabled, call the Trusted Device API after Account Login
    • Event Logging

      • Select logs level: The minimum level to log
      • Logs delete duration (in days): The length of time logs are retained
      • Download log file: Select the file to download
  4. Save the configuration information.


மே 22, 2023
Unfortunately, the architectural limitations of this plugin prevent HTML from being cached, unless overridden by a performance-oriented plugin that counteracts the default headers generated by PHP. When we contacted Kount’s Support team regarding this issue, their response was to rely on these additional plugins, which essentially act as patches for poorly coded plugins. In an ideal scenario, such plugins should not be necessary if everyone followed best practices. As of now, Saucal cannot confidently endorse this plugin for large-scale use, as it still relies on an external dependency to achieve acceptable performance. In order for us to reconsider our stance, it is imperative that the plugin’s architecture is thoroughly revised, eliminating the need for stock PHP sessions.
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பங்களிப்பாளர்கள் & உருவாக்குனர்கள்

“Kount Fraud Prevention” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • 1.1.4
    • Resolved issue: Pre-Auth fraud assessments that return Auth=R (review) set the Order Status to On Hold in more situations.
    • Feature enhancemet: When Kount changes an Order Status, the accompanying Order Notes are prefaced with “[Kount]”.
  • 1.1.3
    • Resolved issue: Fixed saving the Kount plugin configuration after enabling Test Mode.
  • 1.1.2
    • Resolved issue: Upon an environment error where the cartID is missing, submit a fraud assessment. Then, store and reuse the Kount Command SESS value.
  • 1.1.1
    • Resolved issue: Handle Woo Commerce order API failures
    • Retry http requests of Kount services in the case communication fails.
  • 1.1.0
    • Support for WooCommerce High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) has been added.
    • The Kount Transaction ID displayed with a WooCommerce Order is now a hyperlink. This link launches Kount transaction details in the Agent Web Console (AWC)
  • 1.0.20
    • Feature enhancement: Pre-Auth requests are processed synchronously. The reply includes the full set of assessment fields, which are
      stored in the order data.
  • 1.0.19
    • Resolved issue: Handle error cases where Woo Commerce framework passes error objects and nil values to the Kount Plugin.
  •   1.0.18   
    • Resolved issue: Validate the $order parameter passed from WooCommerce filter “woocommerce_thankyou_order_received_text” is not null.
  • 1.0.17
    • Feature enhancement: Increased the HTTP client timeout from 5 to 35 seconds when making web requests to Kount.
  • 1.0.16
    • Resolved issue: Prior to this update, if you didn’t select Save Changes during configuration of Kount and then removed the plugin,
    • some app related data could have remained in WordPress. Now when you uninstall Kount, the app is successfully removed, including
    • all related files.
    • Resolved issue: The payment type is now sent without conditional modifications.
  • 1.0.15
    • Tested with WordPress 6.2.0
  • 1.0.14
    • Feature enhancement: Omniscore displays in the Kount Response and Custom Fields section.
  • 1.0.13
    • Feature enhancement: My Account Login page now prevents logins for accounts that are designated as Declined
    • Resolved issue: Replaced the Website ID configuration from Account Creation Settings with configured value from Payment Settings
    • Resolved issue: Removed x-correlation-id header from http request
    • Resolved issue: Fixed an issue where the configuration value “Test Mode” was being disabled
    • Resolved issue: Fixed an issue where the configuration data from the previously removed Kount plugin was not deleted; now when the plugin is deleted, the configuration data is also deleted
  • 1.0.12
    • Feature enhancement: Added ‘Test Mode Enable’ configuration setting
    • Resolved issue: Allowed more than one pre-authorization Kount Update against a Kount Transaction
    • Resolved issue: Rejected more than one pre-authorization Kount Inquiry against the same cart (with different order numbers)
    • Resolved issue: Restored previous configuration settings upon failure to save updated configurations while on the Kount Admin configuration screen
  • 1.0.11
    • Resolved issue: Reasonable defaults are set when receiving an undetermined payment type
    • Tested with WordPress 6.1.0
  • 1.0.10
    • Resolved issue: ‘White screen’ in WooCommerce setup wizard caused by invalid PHP formatting
  • 1.0.9
    • Feature enhancement: Added the plugin version to the outgoing request
    • Resolved issue: Creating an account on the checkout page resulted in the order not being assessed for risk
  • 1.0.8
    • Resolved issue: Multiple RIS/PUT requests sent when “Thank you” page is refreshed
    • Resolved issue: Total not displaying in Agent Web Console (AWC) for pre-authorization orders
    • Resolved issue: Order messages too large for Kount to process (Solution removed unnecessary data from the message)
  • 1.0.7
    • Feature enhancement: Refined logging
    • Resolved issue: Stopped ignoring errors on the configuration page, output error message
    • Resolved issue: Pre-authorization flow sends TRAN=”A” instead of TRAN=”D”
    • Resolved issue: Fixed Site ID so it persists
    • Resolved issue: Multiple Kount transaction IDs associated with a single order
  • 1.0.6
    • Feature enhancement: Changing an order in the Agent Web Console (AWC) from ‘Review’ or ‘Escalate’ to ‘Approve’ changes an ‘On Hold’ order in WooCommerce to ‘Processing’
  • 1.0.5
    • Resolved issue: Removed BOM encoding from a file that caused plugin issues on certain hosts
    • Resolved issue: Removed use of deprecated constructors in PHP
  • 1.0.3
    • Initial release