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The following articles explain various features of Employee Directory:

Employee Directory comes with 3 editions – See differences

Employee Directory is an enterprise grade application primarily used in company intranets or extranets.

To support relatively and increasingly more complex and advanced requirements, Employee Directory comes with 3 editions; Starter, Professional and Enterprise.

Starter Edition is designed for small organizations and provides basic but fully functional company directory.

Starter edition allows to:

  • Create and display Employee profile pages
  • Search employees based on major attributes

The pricing of Employee Directory premium editions are based on the number of users an organization has. Premium editions have more features and offer dedicated account manager, on-boarding team and access to our Enterprise support.

We recommend you to ask your client organization to contact us directly if you’re a designer or developer and would like to purchase Employee Directory usage license.

Enterprise and Professional Editions are designed for small to large organizations. Enterprise edition includes all available features. The main difference between Professional and Enterprise editions is workflows.

Workflows are used to automate resource intensive, repetitive tasks to save valuable staff member time and eliminate human errors. Workflows can be run on demand or a scheduled basis.

There are two types of workflows; Time (Schedulers) and Event (Triggers) based workflows. Schedulers can be used to send reminders, invitations, customized communications such as new hires, birthdays and employment anniversaries notifications etc.

Triggers are used to modify records or send customized when certain employee fields are changed or created. For example, you can send a customized emails when an employee gets promoted, completes a training, earns a certificate or showcased in a publication or media. To learn more, please read the article below:

Introduction to Workflows


Introduction video to get you started

Employee Directory YouTube Playlist

The collection of videos explaining employee directory concepts, features and more:


Keep everyone connected and engaged – Enterprise Employee Directory Features

* Employee Directory Starter Demo Site
* Employee Directory Starter Documentation
* Employee Directory Professional Demo Site
* Employee Directory Professional Documentation
* Employee Directory Professional Changes

This plugin’s code was generated by WP App Studio Professional WordPress Design and Development Platform based on the plugin’s design. You can develop a plugin like Employee Directory using WP App Studio plugin and sell its designs by becoming a SellDev author


  • Each employee has her own page. eMD vCard Addon to allow generation of vCards based on employee profile information
  • Employee search form provides directory search function with page navigation for long results
  • Featured and Recent Employee sidebar widgets
  • Edit Employee page to enter profiles
  • Search form can be customized from the plugin settings. Optionally, limit access to employee search form from logged in users only. When users are not logged in and access to the form page, login/registration forms are displayed.
  • Employee Directory Pro – Most Advanced Company Directory and Event Management Solution built with WP App Studio
  • Create and display custom fields in employee profile pages and the search form
  • Employee Spotlight Put spotlight on your employee anytime, anywhere
  • Knowledge Center Enterprise Perfect Knowledge Center Solution for your business
  • Campus Directory Pro — fully featured campus directory solution integrating people, publications, places and courses in a very intuitive interface. Designed and developed for higher education institutions.
  • eMD CSV Import Export Addon for bulk import/export from/to CSV files
  • Customize single, archive pages from plugin settings
  • eMD Active Directory/LDAP Addon offers bulk import/update from LDAP services – tested with Microsoft Active Directory, Apache Directory and Open LDAP


The simplest way to install is to click on ‘Plugins’ then ‘Add’ and type ‘Employee Directory’ in the search field.

Manual Installation Type 1

  • Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  • Click the Add New button.
  • Under Install Plugins, click the Upload link.
  • Select the plugin zip file from your computer then click the Install Now button.
  • You should see a message stating that the plugin was installed successfully.
  • Click the Activate Plugin link.

Manual Installation Type 2

  • You should have access to the server where WordPress is installed. If you don’t, see your system administrator.
  • Copy the plugin zip file up to your server and unzip it somewhere on the file system.
  • Copy the “empd-com” folder into the /wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress installation.
  • Login to your website and go to the Plugins section of your admin panel.
  • Look for “Employee Directory” and click Activate.


ஆகஸ்ட் 13, 2020
I’m just starting to work on an employee directory website, and so far, the plugin seems solid. As with anything, your experience may vary with the theme and customizations you have already made in your site. It might require some effort to get things set up the way you want. But so far, so good.
ஏப்ரல் 18, 2020 1 reply
Worst plugin. No way to use without paying them. Who will pay $1000/YEAR? There are lot’s of free and 3x better. Totally waste of times!
நவம்பர் 6, 2019
Fully Featured and has everything I need for our mortgage lending company
மார்ச் 28, 2019
im really flashed, good job and nice widget
ஜூலை 12, 2018 1 reply
This plugin is very limited unless you buy the whole $1000 pro version which is also limited
ஜூலை 4, 2018
Actually, ended up using Campus Directory also by eDesign.
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பங்களிப்பாளர்கள் & உருவாக்குனர்கள்

“Staff Directory – Employee Directory for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • FIXED issue with employee images


  • TWEAK tested with WP 6.5
  • FIXED Translation to one textdomain
  • FIXED Add sanitization and fix CSRF vulnerability


  • TWEAK tested with WP 6.2
  • FIXED Employee Search results table


  • TWEAK tested with WP 6.0


  • TWEAK tested with WP 5.9.1 and PHP 8


  • TWEAK tested with WP 5.8.1
  • TWEAK Added ability to set the maximum number of employees to show in multiple sidebar widgets.
  • TWEAK Added ability to set pagination support with customization options for multiple sidebar widgets.
  • FIXED Last modified by in employee pages


  • TWEAK updates and improvements to libraries
    = 4.2.2=
  • TWEAK tested with WP 5.6.2
    = 4.2.1=
  • FIXED multi-select form component missing scroll bars when the content overflows its fixed height.


  • NEW Added previous and next buttons for the edit screens of employees
  • TWEAK updates and improvements to libraries


  • TWEAK updates and improvements to form library
  • FIXED Bio tab not getting configured from the plugin settings


  • NEW Added support for Emd Custom Field Builder when upgraded to premium editions
  • TWEAK updates and improvements to form library
  • TWEAK Emd templates


  • Fix issue related to extensions


  • TWEAK Cleaned up unnecessary code and optimized the library file content.
  • NEW Added Emd form builder support
  • FIXED Session cleanup workflow by creating a custom table to process records.


  • TWEAK updates for better stability and compatibility


  • FIXED Only file types allowed and set in the plugin settings can be uploaded to WordPress media library issue


  • NEW Created a new shortcode page which displays all available shortcodes. You can access this page under the plugin settings.
  • TWEAK Emd templating system to match modern web standards


  • TWEAK Updated the emd templating system reducing CSS file size and improving layout display.


  • TWEAK updates for better stability and compatibility


  • TWEAK updates for better stability and compatibility


  • NEW LIVE DEMO SITE available -
  • FIXED HTML code editor in WordPress dashboard compressing output after switching from visual mode
  • FIXED Primary address field not displaying value
  • FIXED Hire date field not displaying value
  • FIXED Birth date field not displaying date and month


  • TWEAK Misc. software updates for better compatibility and stability
  • TWEAK Moved all web fonts to local – you can still overwrite this to use any CDN of your choise


  • TWEAK Misc. software updates for better compatibility and stability
  • NEW Ability to limit the file size and allowable extensions for employee photos
  • NEW Ability to change emd templating system container type – fixed or full width


  • NEW Added custom JavaScript option in plugin settings under Tools tab
  • FIXED PHP 7 compatibility
  • TWEAK Updated codemirror libraries for custom CSS and JS options in plugin settings page


  • FIXED WP Sessions security vulnerability


  • NEW Configured to work with EMD Active Directory/LDAP extension
  • FIX minor fixes


  • TWEAK Modified single employee page to a new look
  • REMOVE Global parameter in changing image border color for employee photos was deleted. This can be easily done in CSS.
  • NEW Added ability to disable EMD Templating system and use theme\’s template files
  • NEW Added a getting started page for plugin introduction, tips and resources


  • FIXED Single taxonomies not getting displayed properly


  • NEW Ability to set page templates all plugin\’s employee pages. Options are sidebar on left, sidebar on right or full width
  • NEW EMD Widget area to include sidebar widgets in plugin pages
  • NEW Ability enable/disable any field, taxonomy from backend and/or frontend
  • NEW Ability to add custom CSS in plugin\’s ticket, taxonomy and archive pages
  • NEW Ability to limit Employee Search form to logged-in users only from plugin settings.
  • NEW Added ability to permanently delete plugin related data from plugin settings
  • NEW Added ability to recreate installation pages from plugin settings


  • NEW Added entity and taxonomy base slugs
  • NEW Added ability to display custom fields selectively a.k.a mitigating issues related to other themes or plugins adding data blindly to everywhere messing up employee profiles
  • NEW Updated hire date and birthday in employee pages to display in the format selected in WordPress general settings
  • NEW Configured to work with EMD CSV Import Export Extension for bulk import/export
  • NEW Configured to work with EMD VCard extension
  • Fixed WooCommerce search results issue


  • Fixed full name search producing database error with some plugins
  • Fixed misc minor issues.


  • Added ability to create and display custom fields in the employee pages and search forms
  • Improved employee page layouts


  • Compatibility update and misc fixes


  • Added custom single employee view
  • Added employee photo to sidebar widgets
  • Changed the hire date month date format removing year
  • Added ability to enable/disable/modify employee photo border color


  • Added gender, marital status, and employment type to employee profile
  • Added gender, marital status, and employment type to employee search


*Initial release