This plugin has been closed as of ஜூலை 10, 2024 and is not available for download. This closure is temporary, pending a full review.


டிசம்பர் 10, 2022 1 reply
Its fake, dont waste your time. Plugin need API call to ” Bangladesh, Nepal etc..” Its not free, poor company.
ஜனவரி 11, 2022 3 replies
Why WP allows this type of “Free” plugins to be here? If this plugin does NOT work without a PAID subscription, then it’s got nothing to do here. It should be removed ASAP. Shame on you, SocialBug 🙁
நவம்பர் 21, 2019
The overall experience with the software has been great. The software have support ticket, different types of reports, downloadable reports, commission prediction system etc.. A user friendly MLM software that can be customised to match our needs.
டிசம்பர் 26, 2018
Socialbug is a comprehensive affiliate management platform chock-full of useful features. It has all the features that an affiliate manager might ever need. The support is great, it is also very customizable. The tracking features are also superb, allowing you to know many details about the users who click or purchase products.
ஜனவரி 3, 2018
Socialbug is great MLM software. We really like to use it, great customer support. Our affiliates love our backoffice. Thanks
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